Dmitry Kalinin, was born in Moscow in 1978. He began to play the balalaika at the age of 7 and now he is one of the most recognized professional balalaika performers in Russia.

He has won the most prestigious All-Russian and International competitions, such as "North Cup" ("Kubok Severa", Cherepovets, 2004) and VI-th "V. Andreev" (Tver, 2001) and gained enthusiastic response from the audience. Dmitry graduated from the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music in 2003, where he as well completed post-graduate course under the guidance of Professor V. Boldyrev (honored artist of Russia). In 1997 Dmitry Kalinin was invited as soloist to the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of the Russian State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company (Chief-conductor – People’s artist of the USSR N. Nekrasov).

Accompanied by this glorified orchestra he has recorded a number of compositions of various genres and forms for Russian radio and TV channel "Culture" written by A.Varlamov, N. Budashkin, A. Shalov, A. Danilov. His interpretation of emotional and hard Marchakovsky’s recital was the revelation. Dmitry often performes as a soloist with Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra, the folk orchestra "Moscow" (conductor - I. Gromov), V.Petrov`s orchestra of the Gnessin academy and other orchestras. He has collaborated with many conductors such as V. Fedoseev, S. Skripka, P. Sorokin and V. Ryabtsev…


«Dance of Fire - Dmitry Kalinin (balalaika)»
«Dmitry Kalinin (balalaika), Filipp Subbotin (piano). Live in Karlovy-vary, Czech republic.»
«Dmitry Kalinin (balalaika), Filipp Subbotin (piano). Live in Karlovy-vary, Czech republic.»
«Russian Style Orchestra. Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit»
«Moscow Orchestra of russian folk instruments "Russian style". Solist Dmitry Kalinin (balalaika) Dmitry Kalinin, conductor.»
«Russian Style Orchestra. The Prodigy - Woodoo People»
«Н. Будашкин. Концертная фантазия на тему Русской народной песни "Вот мчится тройка почтовая". АОРНИ ВГТРК п/у народного артиста СССР Н. Некрасова. Большой зал Московской Консерватории.»
«Concert in Moscow, september, 21-st 2008. "Fuurin kazan".»
«Долгожданный промо-ролик на новую программу! Неожиданный. Дерзкий. Увлекательный... Наслаждайтесь!»
«Moscow balalaika quartet, Квартет балалаек Дмитрия Калинина.»
«Сольный концерт в Красноярске. Вариации на тему 24-го каприса Н. Паганини.»


July 13 

Lemeshev Festival

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June 11 

Ночь Живых Музыкантов

Orchestra "Russian Style" is going to take a part in a "Ночь Живых Музыкантов" concert. There are 3 stages and this concert is unique as almost all the rock stars are going to take part in it! The Orchestra is going to perform twice! First time we are going to start the concert at 8 pm on an open air stage with a 40 minutes program! The second 40 minutes performance is going to be on a Backstage restaurant stage where we are going to present a new project and to perform with the rock stars!

We will be happy to see you and your near and dear ones!

March 15 
February 22 

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The Orchestra «Russian Style» is going to take a part in a gala concert «О чем еще поют мужчины».

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