First part:

  • D. Kalinin. By Zuskind`s «Parfumer». Fantasie for balalaika solo.    
  • D. Kalinin. «In two moods».
  • А. Sokolov. «Brunette`n`Blonde…».    
  • S. Novikova-Borodina. «Hand-Voltiger».    
  • S. Levin. «Overcoming». Concert for balalaika with orchestra.    

Second part:

  • А. Sokolov. Two sketches «Corsar».    
  • J. Rodrigo. «Fantasía Para Un Gentilhombre».
    Fanfare de la Caballeria de Napoles.    
    Danza de Las Hachas.    
  • V. Biktashev. Concert-fantasie for balalaika with orchestra.    
Dmitry Kalinin`s repertuare.
Two volumes. 64 and 68 pages.
Publishing house «Blank – 2000». Moscow, 2004.
Author - Dmitry A. Kalinin.
All rights reserved.
ISBN 5-98604-014-7,
ISBN 5-98604-015-5.
©Dmitry A. Kalinin, 2004
©Filipp Yu. Subbotin, 2004

Vladimir Boldyrev`s repertuare.

  • N. Peiko
    • Concert for balalaika, clarinet and orchestra.
  • V. Panin
    • Chamber suite.
  • D. Kalinin
    • Poem-memoirs
    • Toccata

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Moscow, "Musyka", 2006.
116 pages.

Notes folder for young balalaika performers №1

Music edition in 6-th copybooks.

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Other Dmitry Kalinin`s works:

  • Concert fantasia on Russian folk song "Volga-river" for domra with piano.    
  • Fuga for soprano, alto and bariton.    
  • Fantasie on two Mordovian songs for piano.    
  • Poem-memoire for balalaika with piano.    
  • Toccata for balalaika with piano.    
  • Etude дfor balalaika solo.    

Duo "Primavera"
Vera Makhan - domra
Dmitry Tatarkin - guitar

Original music for domra and classic guitare.


  • V. Biktashev. Dramatic suite for domra and guitare «Six letters»
  • V. Biktashev. «The Dedication»
  • A. Peresumkin. «Humoresque»
  • E. Baev. Concert fantasy «Master and Margarita»