Russian Style Folkestra

 Russian Style Folkestra

Dear Friends,

The “Russian Style” Folk Orchestra led by Dmitry Kalinin is one of the most energetic, exciting and truly original in Russia today.

Showcasing the very best players of Russian traditional instruments, our concerts present a rare opportunity to experience this wonderful and exuberant tradition live.

The orchestra provides a rich tableau for anyone who loves music and appreciates tradition, as well as offering new, ingenious and sometimes surprising interpretations.

The musicians of the orchestra are all winners of international competitions, whose skill is known far beyond their native country. These are folk virtuosos in whose hands Russian music becomes accessible to everyone and emotionally charged.

Foreign hits and orchestral pieces from many traditions are all transformed into something entirely new when performed on Russian folk instruments.

Our original style, unique sound and stunning visual performance that emphasizes a strong connection with our audiences make our "Russian style" Orchestra one of the most popular today, both here and in the West.

For us, "Russian style" means a great banquet of the soul, where every song tells a dear and a deeply personal story.

Our music will bring you an unforgettable connection with Russian folk tradition—from the joyful and soulful to the colourfully riotous!

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